Issue 15 of 2007    Total issue 190
Cover Story
China’s Converging Fight Against Corruption

The nation’s top anti-corruption official, Wang Zhenchuan, describes fast-moving legal developments that turned party policy into state law, expanded rules on bribery schemes to include mistresses, and ended the life of a former drug czar.

A Judicious Solution to the Mistress-Corruption Connection
China’s judicial authorities took another welcome stab at corruption by expanding the legal boundaries of bribery to include the mistresses of government officials.
Equity Fund Evolution at China Development Bank
Beijing’s policy bank has spent a decade with private equity-style funds, weathering storms with a Sino-Swiss fund and reaping rewards from its top-performing ASEAN fund.
China’s Unique Cash Pool for Building Africa
Combining market principles with a desire to promote progress in Africa, the Beijing government’s China Development Bank has patterned its huge China-Africa Development Fund after private equity funds.
Administrators vs. Stakeholders: Who Comes First?
A debate over shareholder rights is forcing a closer look at the government’s system for disposing assets of ailing securities firms, 30 of which have been targeted by regulators since 2004.
Energy, Emission Controls Fizzle for Chinese Industries
The central government has conducted a major inspection of local efforts to meet energy efficiency and emissions targets. The results were disappointing. Will plans to further tighten controls be effective?
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