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Urban residents in more than 40 percent of Chinese provinces or autonomous regions have seen their income growth lagging behind that of GDP growth in the first half of this year

The One Foundation said that the data presented on the RCSC’s platform is far from reliable

The Song Dynasty ceramic dish was crushed and smashed into six pieces on July 4 when the sample platform of a machine used to examine the dish squeezed too tight due to wrong input data to the computer

Wen said he knew the public’s concerns and doubts, and he would give the public an explanation.

The signal should have turned red when malfunction occurred after a lightning strike, but it was mistakenly still green

There is also roughly 50,000 yuan in “reward”, for those that accepted the offer to negotiation and signed compensation agreement with a cabinet-backed investigation team in a short time after the accident

China said it would investigate further on the train wrecks in the collision tragedy after moving them into a nearby stop

Three top officials were dismissed after a bullet train collision in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province claimed at least 35 lives and left 211 injured

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