Evacuation Plan Launched under Fears of Flood
Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, facing the threat of a possible collapse of Tangjiashan quake lake.
Shaken by Tragedy, Frozen in Time
China's deadliest earthquake in decades left behind not only widespread destruction but crucial questions.
Grappling With Post-Quake Medical Costs
Hospitals and quake refugees who lost ID cards may be sharing earthquake injury expenses with the government.
Experts Race to Fight Post-Disaster Disease
Protecting survivors from waterborne and foodborne diseases plays a major role in Sichuan's post-quake recovery effort.
Debtors May Be Forgiven in Earthquake Area
Regulators have told banks to waive debts for certain quake victims, and banks are to be protected as well.
Quake Zone's Medicare Payment Plan Sketched
Quake refugees will brunt some medical fees independently, until trans-provincial medicare payment further develop.
A Long, Frustrating Journey for 4,000 Tents
A Caijing reporter joined volunteers hauling truckloads of donated tents to the earthquake zone in Beichuan. The experience was unexpectedly arduous.
Burying, Burning Sichuan's Dead -- Quickly
Body bags, mass graves and non-stop cremations are now common sights in Sichuan's earthquake zone, according to a Caijing reporter on the scene.
Aftershock and Return of Refugees Creates New Worries
The city of Jiangyou is facing dual pressure: the attack of a major aftershock and the inpouring of quake refugees.
Qingchuan: Face to Face with Floods
After the earthquake, Qingchuan County is threatened by a possible flooding disaster.
China Mourns Its Losses
One week later, China pays respect amid a hollow echo of sirens.
Zipingpu Dam Upstream of Chengdu Secured
All odds stacked against, the Chengdu dam has been relieved of rising pressure.
Troops Parachute into Quake-Hit Mao County
A daring rescue operation, deep in the Sichuan mountains, marked the first use of an air force parachuting team for civilian disaster relief in China.
High-Gear Rescue at Yingxiu's Ground Zero
Soldiers, police and a school headmaster press on with a dramatic, post-earthquake rescue effort in Yingxiu County, where students remain trapped.
Fading Cries for Help in Devastated Yingxiu
After trekking through mudslides with teams of soldiers, three Caijing reporters reach a cataclysmic scene in an area of earthquake-ravaged Sichuan Province.
Pengzhou: Home to 100,000 Quake Refugees
A Caijing reporter journeys through an earthquake-ravaged region of Sichuan Province and describes a scene of destruction, death and survivors.
Beijing Orders Quick Aid for Quake Victims
The government's finance minister ordered immediate assistance after witnessing the devastation, while medical teams were struggling to reach victims.
Quake Dispatch: Gloomy City, Huge Cracks
A Caijing reporter travels to the disaster scene in Sichuan Province and describes what he sees in a city of 10 million, while aftershocks continue.
Stock Trades Halted for 66 Firms in Sichuan
The decision to suspend trading for companies in the rattled province was a first for the Shanghai exchange and followed a communications breakdown.
A Detour Contributed to Fatal Rail Derailment
A temporary track detour at a construction site factored into the mishap that killed 71 and injured hundreds aboard a Beijing-Qingdao passenger train.
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