Indian Plate Tectonics Bring Frequent Earthquakes to China
Sichuan hobbles with one leg on the Indian Plate and one on the Eurasian Plate.
Officials Act to Prevent Quake Price Gouging
Governments in the earthquake zone have been ordered by Beijing to monitor prices of food, water and medicine to protect victims from gouging.
Pengzhou: Home to 100,000 Quake Refugees
A Caijing reporter journeys through an earthquake-ravaged region of Sichuan Province and describes a scene of destruction, death and survivors.
Jarred, Scarred and Brave
Sichuan counts the dead while scrambling to recover from China's worst earthquake in decades.
Epicenter: Wenchuan County
Quake Magnitude, death toll and Wenchuan County.
Previous Big Quake
In 1976, a big earthquake in Tangshan killed 242,000.
Quake Dispatch: Gloomy City, Huge Cracks
A Caijing reporter travels to the disaster scene in Sichuan Province and describes what he sees in a city of 10 million, while aftershocks continue.
Stock Trades Halted for 66 Firms in Sichuan
The decision to suspend trading for companies in the rattled province was a first for the Shanghai exchange and followed a communications breakdown.
Earthquake Shakes Up China
Communications disruptions forced suspended trading for scores of companies based in Sichuan Province, scene of China's worst earthquake in decades.
Flash Flood Fury
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