Analysis: Policy after the Central Economic Conference
China's political and economic leaders evaluate ways to navigate China's economy through the global recession.
China Ramps up Financial Sector Stimuli
A nine-measure package broadened the government's economic stimulus plan to embrace REITs, PEs and other vehicles.
On Effective Stimulus
Monetary policy, not interest rate cuts, is the key to the efficient, equitable deployment of the stimulus package.
Credit Demands Pressure Regional Banks
Regional bankers face conflicting signals from local governments and the central government's economic stimulus package.
Think Tank Forecasts 9 Percent Growth in 2009
The Chinese Academy of Social Science has offered an optimistic assessment of China's prospects in 2009.
NDRC Details Four Trillion Stimulus Package
The director of the National Development and Reform Commission laid out an agenda for how the government will spend the new stimulus package.
Government to Inject 600m into Capital Airports
The operator of Beijing Capital International Airport could receive as much as 600 million yuan as part of the government's new stimulus plan.
Yangtze Delta Shakeout
Caijing's special report on the Yangtze Delta industry during the global economic downfall.
Stimulus Plan Not Good Enough
Neglecting the need to strengthen consumption leaves a big need unaddressed.
Reporters’ Blog: Grant Seekers Crowd NDRC
After the government's 4-trillion stimulus plan was announced, people from all over the country converged on Beijing to give their pitch for a slice of the pie.
Caijing Readers Weigh in on Obama
Readers of both our Chinese and English editions shared their opinions about an American president who ran on the power of hope – and how far that hope will carry him.
Government Unveils 4-Trillion Stimulus Plan
The Chinese government revealed a 4-trillion yuan stimulus package November 9 with the goal of driving up domestic consumption.
Economist: Obama to the Rescue?
Barack Obama is facing the biggest challenges since Franklin Roosevelt became President in 1932. In a way, Obama’s job may be tougher.
Beijing Watches the American Election
Early in the morning on November 5, bars and cafes around Beijing filled up with expats eager to see the results of the U.S. presidential election.
Caijing Survey – After Obama's Victory
Please share your view on the new American president and the future of US-China relation with Caijing and our readers.
Obama’s China Policy: More of the Same?
Precisely how president-elect Barack Obama will shape U.S. policy toward China remains unclear in many respects.
America Votes, China Watches
Caijing's special report on the US election 2008
U.S.-China Policy under a McCain Administration
Policy statement from U.S. presidential candidate John McCain
U.S.-China Policy under an Obama Administration
Policy statement from U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama
Climate Change Can Drive the U.S. and China Apart – Or Bring Them Together
Climate change threats are equally important to China and the United States. They should work together for solutions.
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