Financial Crisis
What started as a meltdown in the U.S. subprime mortgage market has evolved into an economic crisis affecting every corner of the planet. How is the world responding?
Sanlu Promises Again to Refund Distributors
Sanlu Group agreed with its distributors on a refund schedule after declaring bankruptcy.
Economic Stimulus: Easier Said than Done
The Chinese government's ambitious economic stimulus program looks great on paper. But it's problematic backstage.
Devil's in Details for China's Stimulus Plan
Local governments are supposed to help pay for a 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package. Where will they get the money?
China Builds Plan for Low-Income Homes
Housing low-income families and keeping developers honest are goals of an initiative tied to China's economic stimulus plan.
Paying the Price for China's Milk Scandal
Hospitals and parents of babies sickened by melamine-tainted milk powder formula are shouldering huge costs they can't pay.
Emphasis on Upstream Industry Supports Imbalances
Beijing is more concerned about production than about consumption, increasing dependence on exports.
Video: Anthony Loo, Rio Tinto Asia
Anthony Loo, Managing Director of Rio Tinto Asia, points out that lower costs during the crisis will benefit the companies.
Video: Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor, IMD
Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of International Political Economy, IMD, reflects about the short-sighted policy of the past.
Video: David Dollar, World Bank
David Dollar, Country Director, China and Mongolia, the World Bank, praised China's reaction to the global economy crisis.
Video: Vivek Arora, IMF
Vivek ARORA, Senior Resident Representative for China, IMF, predicts the crisis will not be over soon.
Caijing Annual Conference
Caijing's special report on the Caijing Annual Conference 2009: Forecasts and Strategies
Speakers: Quotes from the Conference
Collecting the very essence of the Caijing Annual Conference speeches.
Conference: Derivatives, Easy to Blame for the Crisis
Experts agree that derivatives have both positive and negative qualities
Conference: Rural Development amid Economic Crisis
Rural migrant workers are among the first to loose their jobs during economic downturn.
Conference: China's Enterprises: To Be or Not to Be
China’s struggling enterprises suffer from rising costs and lack risk control mechanisms, experts say.
Conference: Chuckles for a Cautious Central Banker
China's central bank governor avoided any chance of misquote by discussing carbon, and making his audience laugh.
Conference: No Change for World Trade Trends
China will have to wait at least a decade for an economy that does not rely on exports, an expert says, because global trade appears here to stay.
Conference: Official Promotes Broader Market
Merger and acquisition lending, bonds and REITs are among the financial avenues that could open new doors for China's maturing securities market.
Conference: Chinese Banker Backs Overseas Growth
The economic crunch gives Chinese banks a reason to accelerate expansion into foreign markets, according to the head of China Merchants.
Conference: For China, Cheaper Oil Is Good News and Bad
A Goldman Sachs specialist says the sharp decline in crude oil prices may challenge China's environmental initiatives but keep inflation in check.
Conference: Bank Regulator Criticizes Western Counterparts
The chief of the China Banking Regulatory Commission faulted western regulators for the financial crisis and spelled out a new policy for Chinese NPLs.
Conference: Real Estate Industry Feels Winter Chill
Experts agree China's real estate market is in a slump. But they disagree over how bad it will get, and what triggered the downturn.
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