Experts Race to Fight Post-Disaster Disease
Protecting survivors from waterborne and foodborne diseases plays a major role in Sichuan's post-quake recovery effort.
Debtors May Be Forgiven in Earthquake Area
Regulators have told banks to waive debts for certain quake victims, and banks are to be protected as well.
Readiness, More than Adversity, Builds a Nation
China needs a disaster response and prevention system that prepares the country for the next calamity.
Quake Zone's Medicare Payment Plan Sketched
Some quake refugees will brunt some medical fees independently, until trans-provincial medicare payment further develop.
Quake Depresses Property Market in Chengdu
The devastating earthquake will restrain Chengdu's property market in the short term and raise pressure on developers.
Sichuan Power Industry Jolted by Quake
The province's crucial hydroelectric power sector is roiling from damage inflicted by the earthquake.
Chinese Banks Face Challenges After the Quake
Bank of Agriculture said NPLs have increased 6 billion yuan. Post-quake reconstruction may add credit risk to loans.
Catastrophe Financing Mechanism Urged
Catastrophe financing mechanisms are being called for to protect enterprises and individuals from future disasters.
Listed Companies Report Quake Deaths, Losses
The companies that experienced damage from the May 12 earthquake have reported losses.
Quake's Impact on Aluminum Sector Modest
A new smelter was destroyed by the Sichuan quake just one day before its scheduled opening, but the aluminum sector overall was not seriously affected.
Aftershock and Return of Refugees Creates New Worries
The city of Jiangyou is facing dual pressure: the attack of a major aftershock and the inpouring of quake refugees.
Sichuan Property Toll May Top 190 Billion Yuan
Based on early data from the Sichuan earthquake, insurance experts have estimated huge property losses from the disaster but modest insurance claims.
A Long, Frustrating Journey for 4,000 Tents
A Caijing reporter joined volunteers hauling truckloads of donated tents to the earthquake zone in Beichuan. The experience was unexpectedly arduous.
PetroChina Restores Epicenter Fuel Supplies
The Sichuan earthquake damaged more than 900 PetroChina gas stations, but the company says most operations, even in hard-hit areas, have resumed.
Metals Investors Absorb Sichuan Aftershock
Futures contract prices on the Shanghai exchange have declined since the May 12 earthquake, which shook regions tied to zinc and copper production.
Burying, Burning Sichuan's Dead -- Quickly
Body bags, mass graves and non-stop cremations are now common sights in Sichuan's earthquake zone, according to a Caijing reporter on the scene.
Earthquake Upsets Sichuan's Nuclear Dream
Provincial leaders were counting on nuclear power to supplement an energy network seen as too reliant on hydropower. The quake changed all that.
Qingchuan: Face to Face with Floods
After the earthquake, Qingchuan County is threatened by a possible flooding disaster.
Searching for Lives, not Miracles
The rescue efforts must do more than search for miracles, it must keep calm and consider those already pulled free.
Shifang's Chemical Fertilizer Plants Leak
Chemical spills have poisoned much of the already disturbed land, while leaks continue...
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