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The ultimate solution is not to discourage professionals from working abroad; it is to ensure better training and more amenable working conditions

Data for Development


the data revolution can drive a sustainable development revolution, and accelerate progress toward ending poverty, promoting social inclusion, and protecting the environment.

Marshall’s vision offers important lessons for world leaders seeking to accelerate development today, beginning with the need to reverse the effects of the Washington Consensus on developing and transition economies

We are the first generation in human history with the means to pull every person on the planet out of abject poverty.

it would also enshrine a grossly corrupt and inefficient patent system in the US, in which companies increase their profits by driving out the competition

Women are the most convincing advocates for the solutions that they need, so they should be at the forefront of decision-making on sustainable development and climate-change mitigation.

At this point, Ebola is not only a health crisis, but also a humanitarian, economic, and political crisis.

Connected health care can also provide access to life-saving treatment to more people, particularly in developing countries and rural areas.

But the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence and others like it have proved that it is possible to treat cancer patients safely and effectively, even in poor, rural settings.

Granted, it has been contained in Liberia, but only in Liberia, and even there, there is no way to ensure that another outbreak will not occur

If the UN conference produces the right agreement, resilience can become the hallmark of 2015, setting the tone for agreements later in the year on climate change and sustainable development – both of which hold important implications for disaster risk.

Nigerians living with HIV must do more than just fight the infection; they also must brave social stigma, weather discrimination by secular and religious institutions, and now, potentially, face threats from the legal system.

Ebola will be defeated, but the vulnerabilities that this outbreak has exposed should spur a fundamental shift in focus among policymakers.

Ebola and Beyond


It is time for developed countries to recognize that the best way to protect their citizens from Ebola is to help stop the spread of the virus in West Africa

Meanwhile, the emerging NCD epidemic is worsening. Indeed, the World Economic Forum is predicting $21.3 trillion in losses from these diseases in developing countries by 2030

Of course, designing an inclusive post-2015 development agenda is only the first step. Its successful implementation will require bold policies and strengthened global cooperation that address both the impact of inclusion and its underlying causes.

World Bank data show that India currently has 6.5 doctors, 13 nurses, and nine hospital beds per 10,000 people – levels that are less than half the global average and far below what the WHO recommends

world leaders and their development partners need to think beyond setting new goals or targets that fade with time, and move toward establishing accountability mechanisms, processes, and systems to ensure that we meet the goals that we have already set

What Water’s Worth


Water management should not be regarded as an end in itself – a single-variant solution for a single-variant problem – but as a means to several ends, including environmental conservation and social and economic development

Did Hamas Win?


It is time for all of the relevant actors in the conflict between Israel and Palestine to address this challenge, and to take concrete, productive, and creative action to bring peace to Gaza at last

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